Stop overpaying your monthly bills!

  • Get better deals on electricity, gas and mobile bills.
  • We find alternative providers and make the switch.
  • We only propose sustainable plans, no asterisks!
  • We put all commissions and fees back in your pocket.
  • Thanks to us, there's no place for middlemen.
  • We work for you and only you.
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Digital banking at its best

  • Signing up is fast and easy with our fully digital process
  • Manage your money from anywhere
  • Discover even more ways to save and earn money
  • If after 12 months you've paid more than you saved, we will refund you the difference

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Source: results of CREG (Commission de Régulation de l'Électricité et du Gaz) and PwC study as of April 2020 (, p. 103 and 130). The savings shown reflect the annual difference between gross costs of "the standard product" and "the cheapest product," averaged for the 3 regions. Note that the data used to calculate these savings may be subject to change.


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