Member Story: Bipin Nambiar, Zuci Systems

Bipin Nambiar
Meet Bipin Nambiar, Vice President - Europe at Zuci Systems. He uses his Business Premium Membership to finance and manage his business operations across borders.

Please tell us about your business?

Our business focuses on offshore software development and testing services for European and US companies. Most of our typical clients are Fintechs and scale ups who use our services to get to market faster. We build dedicated development and testing teams for them. Our focus today is on test automation, user experience, data sciences and BI.

Why did you become an Aion Bank member?

Being a company that services Fintechs and fast growing businesses in the financial sector, our affinity towards a neo-bank was only natural. In the initial conversations with Aion Bank, we were pleasantly surprised by the entrepreneurial culture unlike traditional banks. This culture helps relate to startup businesses like ours.

How does Aion Bank help your business?

Aion financed our recent cross-border acquisition. The relationship manager, Karlien Vekemans, worked closely with us to ensure the success of this transaction. During this transaction we also saw that the relationship manager was empowered to make decisions. This is extremely important in a deal scenario. Aion Bank helps our business in multiple ways - right from financing the transaction up to the seamless daily banking services that the bank provides.

What do you like most about banking with Aion Bank?

The fact that we do international business (we have operations in Belgium, Switzerland, US, and India) means that aspects like multi-currency accounts, FX transfers with no hidden costs, and ease of daily banking are important for us. The Aion membership ticks all these boxes.

What would be your top tip for other entrepreneurs / small businesses?

My tip would be to enjoy the process and stay ambitious. We ourselves acquired a company recently that had twice our turnover. Businesses come with inherent and daily challenges. These challenges should not affect the long-term ambitions. Success comes to those who can manage and survive the difficult moments without losing the courage to persist.

To find out more about Zuci Systems, click here.

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