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Maximum amount: up to €1,000,000
The maximum loan amount is €1,000,000 The minimum loan amount is €500

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To apply for a secured loan over €100,000 please contact us.

6 % interest rate
No fees and no collateral needed

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How do Instalment Loans work?

  • Apply for an unsecured instalment loan through our speedy digital process.
  • Receive up to €100,000 in 20 minutes when approved, no collateral needed.
  • You can choose to postpone repayment of capital instalments from 1 to 6 months.
  • Apply from anywhere with a fully digital process.
  • All business loans are available for SMEs and sole traders.
  • Businesses need to be active for 2 years or more.
Calculate your repayments
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Save money on your loan applications


Savings are calculated as the difference between €0 (as Aion Bank does not charge any administration fees) and €400. The average administration fees per €20,000 loan across the largest Belgian banks are €400 (based on 2020 market research by Aion, assisted by Deloitte).


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