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The most accessible alternative to saving

  • 100% digital: open your portfolio, add funds, check the performance and asset allocation, withdraw funds or close your investment portfolio all via the Aion Bank app.
  • You can open a portfolio and start investing with as little as €100.
  • Invest in our portfolios without investment fees regardless of the amount. No entry fees, no yearly management fees and no exit fees. Investing is included in your all-inclusive Premium membership.
  • We do not receive any commissions on the portfolios we offer. We recommend investment portfolios specifically tailored to your risk appetite using only the best solutions for our members.
  • Active monitoring and proactive adjustments ensure your investments are always working hard for you with a minimal effort on your side.
  • You can open several portfolios with different risk levels and investment strategies and name each of them to invest for separated goals and with different investment horizons.
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Private banking service made digital

  • We created a short digital survey based on the latest insights in behavioural sciences to asses your risk appetite enabling us to recommend the portfolio that matches your needs.
  • Your portfolio will be managed by a robo-advisor that continuously monitors the markets and proactively adapts your investments to market events and your risk profile.
  • With Aion Bank you get the full benefits of investing without the stress or hours of research.
  • You can choose to change your risk appetite to more conservative levels at any given moment. The portfolio will automatically adapt.
  • We only offer Best-In-Class Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) from the best providers in the market. Working with well-known and respected global asset managers, such as BlackRock and Vanguard.
  • We report on the portfolio performance and allocation changes via the app and email.
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Calculate the impact of fees on your returns

The minimum investment amount is €100


Investment value
Mixed mutual funds
Mixed mutual funds

The most popular investment option in Belgium

Yearly fees:
2.25 %


Investment value
Standard robo-advisors

Intelligent technology selects your funds (exchange traded funds)

Yearly fees:
1.00 %


Investment value
Aion Bank Robo-advisor

Intelligent technology selects your funds (=exchange traded funds), but without charging investment fees

Yearly fees:
0 %

How does it work?

  • Complete the investment survey in our app.
  • We offer investment portfolios tailored to 3 risk levels: conservative, moderate and dynamic.
  • Choose between a global or progressive portfolio to finish the setup of your investment account. Discover the difference between the portfolios below.
  • Once your portfolio is authorised, you can add funds, monitor the performance and withdraw your money at any time via the Aion Bank app .
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Global Investments

  • Standard portfolios give you exposure 
to both global equities and fixed income markets. They are matched to your risk appetite and offer risk-adjusted investment diversification.
  • Within equities we weight geographic regions according to their respective market capitalisation.
  • Within bonds we include both local government bonds and inflation linked bonds. We offer 9 risk levels.
  • Within equities we weight the listed geographic regions according to their respective market capitalisation: US, Europe, UK, Asia, Emerging markets
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Progressive Portfolios

  • Thematic portfolios give you the opportunity to invest in firms and projects related to major economic, technological and societal trends such as:
  • Digitalisation, robotics and artificial intelligence, health care and clean energy
  • These investments offer exposure to diversified global equities in line with your interests. 
We adjust the investment mix according 
to your risk appetite.
  • Within bonds we include both local government bonds and inflation linked bonds. We offer 3 risk levels.
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Don't just take our word for it

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Digital banking at its best

  • Signing up is fast and easy with our fully digital process
  • Manage your money from anywhere
  • Discover even more ways to save and earn money
  • If after 12 months you've paid more than you saved, we will refund you the difference

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Costs for mutual mixed funds are based on costs and performance in mixed UCITS (mixed mutual funds) over 1 yr in Belgium reported by “ESMA Annual Statistical Report 2019 on Performance and Costs of Retail Investment Products in the EU”: 2.13% ongoing costs, 0.12% subscription costs.

Costs for Robo-advisory are based on the average management fees charged by the leading similar robo advisory providers on the Belgian market: Birdee, Matti (KBC), Lucy (BNP).

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