Cancel a Payment

For the purpose of carrying out a payment cancellation with the XS2A APIs, it is necessary for the TPP to ask for the cancellation to the ASPSP.
Redirect OAuth2
In this approach, the PISP has to proceed with an OAuth2 authorization. The cancellation request is established and validated thanks to a redirection of the PSU towards the ASPSP Authentication platform.

Payment Cancellation
Initiate Payment Cancellation
DELETE /xs2a-service/v1/{paymentService}/{paymentProduct}/{paymentId}
Asks for payment cancellation at the ASPSP for a given payment (giving id, service and product). Specificities for this API and available services and products are listed in the dedicated HowTo.

Authorise consent

Create an authorisation resource on a specific consent. Create a link descibed in section Build your authorize URL and follow to the online banking.

After successful authorisation, the user will be redirected to the redirect URI provided in the request with the following parameters :